How do I attract today’s searchers online?

There are 3 key factors that play a big part in attracting today’s searchers online

Let’s be honest, today’s searcher’s can be very impatient, and will only use your site if it is mobile-friendly, has fast loading pages and is optimised for search engines, otherwise, they will not find you!

Ask yourself…

  • Is my website mobile friendly?
  • How quickly does my page load?
  • Are searchers finding me online?

Chelmsford Web Studio’s goal is to deliver results that add value to your business. What is your goal?… Let’s start with 3 key factors that play a big part in attracting today’s searchers online.


Mobile First

From July 2018, Google began prioritising mobile-friendly sites and starting July 1, 2019, Mobile-first indexing will be enabled by default for all websites. Which means having a Responsive website is a no brainer, as today’s searchers are more inclined to use their mobile device when searching online.

We design your site suited for those who swipe and tap. Tap targets are large buttons searchers click on, taking them to their desired landing page.

Mobile First


Fast Speeds

Today’s searchers can be very impatient. In order to achieve fast loading pages, your images must be optimised, and your website should be developed with clean, non-repetitive code.

To achieve even faster speeds we recommend our Cloud Hosting and Maintenance service. On Google’s cloud servers, it is dedicated to supporting WordPress, with blazing-fast speeds, nightly site backups, daily malware scans and much more.

Cheaper, shared hosting, in the long run, can hurt your business and affect your ranking on Google’s search engine.


On-page SEO

WordPress CMS (content management system) is a great way to start a blog, a small, medium, or enterprise business website, or an online shop.

And a very good reason why we use it to build our websites is that WordPress and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work great together, and search engines such as Google can easily index a WordPress site because of its simple URL structure. Plus sticking to Google’s website guidelines, and building useful links, in time, your website will rank higher in the search engines.

Let’s begin with 5 important SEO tasks:

  • Allow Crawl Accessibility so search engines can reach and index your site
  • Compelling Content that answers the searcher’s query
  • Keyword Optimised to attract searchers and search engines
  • Meta titles, clean URLs and Meta descriptions to draw high click-through rates (CTR) in the search rankings.
  • Add Schema mark-up to stand out in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

We take these 3 key factors very seriously when building a website and are crucial for attracting searchers online.