Do I hire a web designer or do it myself with Wix?

In the wake of recent shifts in the digital landscape, the choice between using DIY website builders like Wix or hiring a professional web designer has become a common concern for many business owners.

“I started using Wix and I have hit a brick wall. I don’t want to waste any more time on this…”

Numerous individuals who initially embarked on their website journey with Wix have encountered limitations they couldn’t overcome. Many expressed frustration, citing slow progress and a desire to move forward efficiently.

While platforms like Wix offer a user-friendly approach, they often have limitations when it comes to scalability and customizations crucial for business growth. Investing in a robust platform like WordPress is recommended for its SEO capabilities and its adaptability for future expansions. WordPress allows not only developers but also clients to easily manage and update content with minimal training.

Crafting a streamlined single-page WordPress website, inclusive of essential sections and optimized for search engines, may only take a skilled developer a couple of days. This streamlined version would encompass vital elements such as an engaging about section, high-quality visuals, contact information, and optional testimonials, empowering businesses to establish a strong online presence swiftly.

Frequently Asked Questions from Startups:

Can I migrate my website from Wix to WordPress?

Certainly! First, we would evaluate your Wix or DIY site by taking note of all the essential content, pages, images, and functionalities you want to preserve or improve upon in the transition. We would also create a spreadsheet of all your existing pages including the metadata, which is what Google indexes to rank your website based on the keywords users type in.

We would then get WordPress up and running on your hosting server or you can use our hosting service. After, we can then develop the pages (templates) according to a design of your choice, or we can plan a design for you.

Content migration would be next. We would move the content from your Wix site to your new WordPress site manually. This includes text, images, and other media. For complex elements like forms or special functionalities, you might need plugins or additional customisation.

Based on your existing page spreadsheet, we would then redirect your old Wix URLs to the new WordPress URLs. This step is crucial to ensure that visitors who land on your old links are directed to the corresponding pages on your new WordPress site. We can set up 301 redirects using plugins or with the help of your hosting provider.

After migrating content, thoroughly check your WordPress site to ensure everything works correctly. Test navigation, forms, links, and functionalities to guarantee a seamless user experience.

When finished we suggest you Cancel your Wix Subscription. Once you’re confident that your WordPress site is up and running smoothly, you can cancel your Wix subscription. Be cautious not to cancel it before you’ve completed the migration and confirmed everything is working as intended.

How can I secure a domain name and create an email account?

We recommend platforms like for purchasing domain names, ensuring full ownership. With our hosting services, we can assist in setting up email accounts for a one-time fee or on your purchased hosting, streamlining your online presence effortlessly.

What are the costs associated with domain names?

Domain costs vary but often start as low as 99p for the first year, averaging around £10 annually for domains—remarkably affordable investments for your business’s online identity.

In conclusion, while DIY platforms have their merits, they possess limitations. Partnering with a professional web designer during your business’s early stages is pivotal for a robust and scalable online presence.

For expert advice or assistance, contact us today. Let’s elevate your online presence together!